Using Retina.js with Vue-loader

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Vue-loader is a loader for webpack to handle Vue’s component. By default, it will handle the file paths stated in src only.

As url-loader and file-loader do not know @2x and @3x file paths, production files will be packed without @2x and @3x files. Therefore, retina.js cannot found @2x and @3x files for retina images replacement.

By the following way, you can serve your @2x images and let Vue-loader recognize them:

  1. Add data-rjs in tag for @2x file path in the template part of Vue components.
  2. Edit build/vue-loader.conf.js, and add the following:
transformToRequire: { img: ['src', 'data-rjs'], image: 'xlink:href' }

Now Vue-loader will require data-rjs files, and makes url-loader and file-loader to pack those files into production build.


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